JW Eco-Technology-
Revolutionary Holistic Solution for
Global Water & Environmental Problems
UN 2023 Water Conference

22 MARCH 2023, 


09:00am – 10:30 am

Free of charge

World Water Day falls on March 22, and the UN 2023 Water Conference is the global meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to address the growing global water challenges, and the second one since 1977 (46 years later).

The conference will conduct a comprehensive mid-term review of the implementation of the goals of the International Decade for Action and seek game-changing solutions to address the global crisis of “too much water” such as storms and floods, “too little water” such as droughts and groundwater scarcity, and “too dirty water” such as drinking water pollution, and the scientific research and achievements of the JW Eco-Technology demonstrate the game-changing solution of “too much water, too little water, too dirty water”!

Many Thanks to UN Water Conference 2023 for giving JW Eco-Technology the opportunity to host a side event at the conference!

The theme of the conference is “JW Eco-Technology- revolutionary holistic solution for global water & environmental problems”; therefore, JW Eco-Technology has been entrusted with the mission and responsibility! Like the Lighthouse of Water!

We would like to thank all the experts for their outstanding contributions and support to the JW Eco-Technology!

We sincerely invite all the experts and experts to participate in the side- event of JW Eco-Technology, so that more people around the world can understand the JW Eco-Technology from the United Nations events!

We believe that the JW Eco-Technology can contribute to the sustainable development of water resources and bring good water to the future of the world’s 7 billion people!

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