The JW Eco-technology brand consists of key solutions integrated to mitigate global warming at a full scale.  It applies nature’s way into engineering methods, resolving Earth’s environmental problems, which have been generated throughout the so-called “civilizing” process of humans, for example: flooding/droughts, water/air pollution, and urban heat island effects.

JW Eco-technology revolutionizes the traditional philosophy of urban construction.  It fully creates, integrates and manages urban water resources, allowing them to be recycled repeatedly by utilizing urban roads, pavements and surfaces connected to the integrated water resources, enabling the entire urban foundation to act as an enormous sponge and breathe autonomously, vitalize the soil, and bring the city back to health.  With all the benefits stated above, it might be surprising to know that they are achieved through the combination of waste plastic and concrete, which individually, bring mass negative impacts to the environment.  However, through the creative thinking and application of JW Eco-Technology, these non-environmental-friendly materials have been combined to improve/restore the environment and provide a sustainable future. 

Specific advantages include:

1. creating a blue ocean among climate change measures
In comparison to emission reduction measures that would cause negative effects in economic growth, JW Eco-Technology can actively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Therefore, it creates a blue ocean among modern emission reduction measures.
5. High bearing capacity
With a compression-resistance higher than 510 Kgf/cm2, JW Eco-Technology can be applied in roads with high-volume traffic and high bearing capacity requirements, and causes minimum impact on existing economic activities.
9. Temperature regulation
From completed cases we’ve observed that the JW Pavement’s surface temperature is 20℃ lower than the general asphalt pavement in Taipei during summer. On the other hand, snow melting was observed in Beijing during winter time.
2. Sustainability
By effectively integrating affordable and durable materials, completed constructions can be expected to remain damage-free for more than 30 years. This can be seen in cases that have now lasted more than 10 years maintenance. When used for roads, it solves pollution and waste of funds and material issues due to frequent repairs of traditional roads.
6. High water permeability and retention
The JW Pavement has an infiltration rate of over 12,000 mm/hr (200 mm/min) and a soil water retention index 6 times higher than traditional permeable pavements, allowing it to effectively deal with heavy rainfall and flooding issues due to climate change.
10. Creating Urban farmlands
JW pavement provides planting capability to create urban farmlands. Furthermore, it has also been proven that neither heavy metal nor pesticide residues were found in crops grown on JW-pavements located on busy urban roadsides.
3. Low carbon footprint
JW Eco-Technology has been certified to produce 83% less carbon than traditional methods.
7. creating JW Pavement Wetlands
Due to the spontaneous breathing and water conservation abilities of JW Eco-Technology pavements, an underground wetland ecosystem is able to form under JW Eco Roads. The abundance and biodiversity of microorganisms under JW-pavement are significantly higher than other types of pavements.
11. Creating Oases in Desert
JW Eco-Technology can generate water to create oases in desert, providing sustainable water sources for agriculture in arid areas.
4.carbon Capturing
More than 70% of the CO2 and other pollutants in car emissions can be captured within 20 minutes, providing clean air and a healthy environment, demonstrating a creative capability to capture carbon and eliminate pollution on roads.
8. Converting roads into reservoirs and sewage treatment plants
Roads are provided with flood retention, on-site water recovery and reuse and other functions; the water below the pavement is continuously aerated and purified into clean water without eutrophication.
12. Highly replicable and scalable
JW Eco-Technology is composed of a series of innovative structural systems, and creates an ecosystem when integrated. It can be applied throughout different scales, from individual residents and communities to entire cities throughout the country.

Creating the "JW Eco-Smart sponge City" in response to Climate Change

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As the global population already reached more than 7.7 billion people, about 70% are concentrated in the city. In the face of climate changes, global warming, extreme weather and environmental disasters caused by urbanization, especially impervious pavement, the urban environment is becoming more and more serious and is undergoing a vicious circle.

The “JW Eco-Technology” was invented to allow the post-construction land to open the pores on the surface, and to use the permeable and air-circulating function to achieve flood and drought prevention, microclimate regulation, heat island effect prevention, road breathing, dust and pollutant filtration, rainwater recycling, high water permeability and retention, ground subsidence prevention, underground soil microbial activation, etc. Fundamentally prevent urban problems, improve the ecological cycle, and completely solve the deterioration crisis under the severe extreme climate. JW Eco-Technology has become the new mainstream model of the current “Eco Smart City”.

JW Eco-Smart Sponge City


JW Eco-Smart Sponge School - Li Ming High School
No Gutters in Campus, Flood-free

JW Eco Smart School
Li-Ming High School, Tainan, Taiwan

The first and only School without any ditches
Turning the campus base into an underground reservoir
Resolve floods and droughts, air and water pollution, heat island effects and dengue fever.

JW Eco-Park - Golden River Bank

JW High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix (Water Harvesting Matrix Structure)

JW Eco-Technology High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix: World First high load-bearing and high compression resistance design. The matrix can be installed in any space underground, and can be designed to adopt measures suiting local conditions. It is able to clean, store water, and recycle rainwater effectively to achieve the benefits of water retention and water resource reuse.

Water-harvesting modules are one of the major methods to achieve sponge city. Comparing to traditional concrete water storage tank, it is faster and cheaper to build an underground reservoir with high void rate by setting up Polypropylene units. However, the traditional underground water-harvesting and storage method is limited due to its insufficient compression resistance. According to the “Directions of Design and Technique Specifications for Soil Water Content” of the  Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior, underground water-harvesting construction using assembling water-storing framework (i.e., water-harvesting module) must consider its surface compression resistance. Since the traditional water-harvesting brick’s compression resistance is around 200 kN/m2, so it can only be used for sidewalk pavement or parking lots. There are still doubts about using the traditional water-harvesting brick on the road for cars and heavy-duty vehicles.

To improve the defects mentioned above, we provide the JW Eco-Technology High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix as the solution. The biggest difference between JW High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix and traditional water-harvesting brick is that we put high-performance concrete pillar design in our Polypropylene structure to enhance its strength significantly. The High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix can not only provide more than 1,000 kN/m2 of compression resistance but also has the strength as concrete water storage tank. Moreover, the JW Water- Harvesting Matrix has higher porosity than the traditional water brick, the construction process is also faster and cheaper.

Product Features

JW Eco-Technology integrates “JW Eco-Technology High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix” and “JW Eco-Technology high- compression resistance permeable pavement together as an innovative and revolutionary technique. Using the characteristics of the roads being interconnected, JW Eco-Technology is able to do systematic “Uni-dimensional scale” water control, which is a totally different and new concept of building the right sponge city than traditional water control method.

“JW Eco-Technology High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix” is able to combine with “JW Eco-Technology Solar Energy Permeable Road”, it is the best sustainable environment management scenario that can solve the power and water issues in Taiwan. This technology deserves strong promotion from the government and the public, because it is the key solution for Taiwan’s economic development, also a good development foundation for the future generation.

Efficient Land Use

With the characteristics of adapting to local conditions and high compression resistance, it can be customized according to needs. In addition, it will not be limited by any terrain and can be used in any place under the surface.

Water Recycling and Reuse

High water retention, with 85%-95% of porosity, it is able to reduce surface runoff and recycle rainwater effectively to achieve the effect and benefits of soil water content and water resource reuse.

High Bearing Capacity

In view of the defects of insufficient compression resistance of the current water harvesting bricks on the market, we have improved and innovated it by combining with the design of high performance concrete pillar. It is the world‘s first high load-bearing underground water-harvesting matrix with high compression resistance that can withstand heavy duty vehicles.


It has the advantages of high strength, high safety and long life cycle. It can also reduce carbon emissions by using recycled Polypropylene.


The world is facing serious droughts and floods in recent years. The heavy precipitation we think happens once in a thousand years keeps happening and causes bad floods. These cases are proving that the extreme climate and climate emergency caused by climate change is coming. In order to solve the climate change problem, the world is expecting the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050. Thus, searching for new green energy to replace fossil fuels is especially important, and that makes solar energy become one of the most important green energies.

However, the generating efficiency and lifespan of solar panels will be affected by the high temperature and dust. According to research, solar panels lose 0.5% of their generating efficiency when the optimum temperature increases every 1℃. In addition, practitioners in the solar industry point out that solar panels’ annual generating efficiency can be increased by about 8-12% by keeping them at the optimum temperature and clean, it can also extend their lifespan. Due to the difficulty in obtaining water resources, the costs of operating and transporting water resources will be another issue if there are no water resources near the solar panels, not to mention the problems of sewage treatment and reuse process.


The “JW Solar Energy Permeable Road” can increase solar generating efficiency significantly. Through the method of “on-site water circulation”, this system provides water to clean solar panels, so the problems of obtaining water resources can be solved. The “JW Solar Energy Permeable Road” is designed using pavement with a huge number of tubes to make the water reach underground quickly, also increase the porosity (12,500mm/hr). When the system combines with the underground reservoir, it can harvest, store and recycle water resources in high efficiency without wasting.

Serious droughts and floods happen globally nowadays. The heat and rainstorms in Taiwan are affecting people’s normal life, under the trend of global warming, these problems will get more severe in the future. But if we use the “JW Solar Energy Permeable Road” for huge amounts of areas, the summer we see in the future will no longer be heat waves or rainstorms, it will be infinite solar energy and water resources.


The “JW Eco-Technology Solar Energy Permeable Road” is able to combine with “JW Eco-Technology High Load-Bearing Underground Water-Harvesting Matrix”, it is the best sustainable environment management scenario that can solve the power and water issues in Taiwan. This technology deserves strong promotion from the government and the public because it is the key solution for Taiwan’s economic development, and also a good development foundation for the future generation.

Embrace Earth。Benefit Human

The environment guards no borders. In the era of global promotion of sponge city, green building, green building materials, green thinking and low-impact development(LID) concepts, the “JW Eco Smart City” promoted by Ding Tai Co., Ltd. responds to future climate changes, frequent rainstorm and heatwave. Utilizing JW Eco-Technology, we devoted to achieve disaster prevention and promote economy development.

In particular, we are providing a new option – the “JW Eco-Technology, the key solution for preventing Global Warming” to the government, locals and land developer for further collaboration and fulfills corporate responsibilities. If the government and industry can fully apply the JW Eco-Technology, it can obtain the highest long-term benefits at the lowest cost, and at the same time prevent the three major disasters: floods and droughts, urban heat island effect and environmental deterioration, improve the quality of life, save the national tax burden and benefit the country and the people.

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