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Creating the "JW Eco-Smart sponge City" in response to Climate Change

As the global population already reached more than 7.7 billion people, about 70% are concentrated in the city. In the face of climate changes, global warming, extreme weather and environmental disasters caused by urbanization, especially impervious pavement, the urban environment is becoming more and more serious and is undergoing a vicious circle.

The “JW Eco-Technology” was invented to allow the post-construction land to open the pores on the surface, and to use the permeable and air-circulating function to achieve flood and drought prevention, microclimate regulation, heat island effect prevention, road breathing, dust and pollutant filtration, rainwater recycling, high water permeability and retention, ground subsidence prevention, underground soil microbial activation, etc. Fundamentally prevent urban problems, improve the ecological cycle, and completely solve the deterioration crisis under the severe extreme climate. JW Eco-Technology has become the new mainstream model of the current “Eco Smart City”.


JW Eco-Smart Sponge City


JW Eco-Smart Sponge School - Li Ming High School
A School Without Any Ditches

JW Eco Smart School
Li-Ming High School, Tainan, Taiwan

The first and only School without any ditches
Turning the campus base into an underground reservoir
Resolve floods and droughts, air and water pollution, heat island effects and dengue fever.

JW Eco-Park – Golden River Bank

Embrace Earth。Benefit Human

The environment guards no borders. In the era of global promotion of sponge city, green building, green building materials, green thinking and low-impact development(LID) concepts, the “JW Eco Smart City” promoted by Ding Tai Co., Ltd. responds to future climate changes, frequent rainstorm and heatwave. Utilizing JW Eco-Technology, we devoted to achieve disaster prevention and promote economy development.

In particular, we are providing a new option – the “JW Eco-Technology, the key solution for preventing Global Warming” to the government, locals and land developer for further collaboration and fulfills corporate responsibilities. If the government and industry can fully apply the JW Eco-Technology, it can obtain the highest long-term benefits at the lowest cost, and at the same time prevent the three major disasters: floods and droughts, urban heat island effect and environmental deterioration, improve the quality of life, save the national tax burden and benefit the country and the people.

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